Yoga And How It Can Be Your Journey Too

Before 2017 ended, I went through a brief mental and emotional detox in my life, and spent lot's of my time reflecting. Is it just me or did last year feel like only seven months instead of a full dozen?!

In that brief solitary period, where I was hardly with my phone and wasn't bothered to check up on any of my social media accounts, I realised I could hardly remember all those wonderful memories made throughout 2017 and it left me feeling rather sad.

Also I'm not big on commemorating on my socials and it's a flaw I'm trying to fix. Perhaps I'll write about it more on my next post: "Oversharing On Social Media? How To Overcome Your Fear And Where Do We Draw The Line"

Okay, where was I? So when we welcomed the new year, I told myself this: "Prioritize more me-time, Naj" and one of the many ways how I've done that is with yoga, specifically hot-yoga.

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According to Best Health, hot yoga contains several benefits and the one that's touted most often is detoxification. I was not prepared at all when I attended my first class with Hot Yo Studio. I remember sweating so much until I couldn't hold any of my poses as my palms kept sliding on the mat. The solution? Bring a towel, Naj.

But boy, was I pleased after what felt like an hour's session in the sauna room but with slight body aches. Did you know that when we sweat profusely, it helps to flush toxins from your skin?

"The heat also allows you to go a little more deeply and safely into the postures so you know you are really warming up the muscles and you can really approach the postures from a safe place," says Joanna Thurlow, the owner of Moksha Yoga Halifax.

Isabel Lamber, director of Tula Yoga Spa in Toronto also points out how working in a heated room could improve one's breathing (shoutout to my asthmatics), focuses the mind which would develop better mental concentration, and elevate one's heart rate which would make the body work harder. That's a bonus for those who prefer a more intense workout and wants to develop strength as well as flexibility, tone, and cardiovascular resistance!

But if you are keen on trying but just can't find the time, fret no more because thankfully, with our glorious Malaysian weather, you can almost experience a 'hot yoga studio' in your very own living room. The only rule is make sure neither your fan and air condition are switched on. And preferably, do it when and where the sun is shining brightly outside your window.

If you would like to be inspired or improve your skills whatsoever, I would highly recommend for you to check out these yogis on Insatgram:

1. Morgan: Honestly speaking, it would take me a few years before I can do the things she does but it's oddly therapeutic to immerse on her feed. 

2. Lara Chandrini: I appreciate how Lara makes yoga seem so easy. Her technique is easy to emulate so I would recommend her especially to adventurous beginners!

3. Adriene Louise: Adriene Louise and I, we go way back. If it wasn't for her legendary month-long challenges, I would not have believed that I was cut out for yoga. And no matter how great my skills develop, I know I will always go back to Adriene.

So, did it work? Have I convinced you to buy yourself a pretty rubber mat or at least start using the one you forgotten about in the cupboard?

If you are in Kuala Lumpur and free on Thursdays at 6PM, bring your rubber mat to KLCC park and we'll enjoy some outdoor yoga while making new friends! There's an entrance fee of RM15 which is totally worth it ;)

If you see me, the girl with a flashy bandana who looks confused, don't forget to say hi!

As ever,

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