2 Latest Magical Must Haves Form MAC Cosmetics

MAC's galactic collection will give you a whimsical and magical feeling all over is no ordinary selection as it comes with attitude for those who dare to be themselves.Whatever mood you’re in, these glitters have it all from holographic multicolours to golden sparkles and bronzes, also it's a show stopper when the light hits the glitters shaped out of stars, fairy dust and hearts.  Although I’m not a make-up guru but I’m sure everyone loves make-up that’s versatile for wear – dust the glitter on your eyelids, shoulders, even as highlights on your cheekbones. The collection comes with their signature lipglass, galaxy themed names.

The new MAC Versicolour Varnish goes beyond being neither an ordinary lip cream nor stain – it’s both. The name varnish gives away a little bit of a clue as to how this becomes a hybrid lip colour that’s creamy with a glossier finish. Its watery-light formulation gives wearers comfort without the sticky feeling while staying long-wearing on the lips. With 14 shades available from pinks, reds and corals – highly saturated with a wet look. Glide a pop of colour, dust a lil’ shimmer, and there you have it, two magical must haves for your intergalactic spirit to soar high.


Price List:
MAC Galactic Glitter and Gloss
Lipglass SRP: RM82
Holographic Glitter SRP: RM105
Cosmetic Glitter SRP: RM105
Shapes SRP: RM105
MAC Versicolour Varnish Price: RM105

Available in all MAC stores nationwide from April 2018.

2 Latest Magical Must Haves Form MAC Cosmetics 2 Latest Magical Must Haves Form MAC Cosmetics Reviewed by bernice on May 01, 2018 Rating: 5
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