An Inner Calling For A Holistic Journey

It’s understandable that working 24/7 is not an ideal lifestyle that's healthy. We go through the daily stress of keeping up with being on top of our game. So, we take a break and figure out the best ways of feeding positive energy into our minds, body and soul. Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel’s ultimate holistic adventure is the perfect Eden spot to find your inner voice again. In a place popularly known as Asia’s City of Angels, travellers are welcome to open themselves up to ‘Morning Wellness at Siam’ signature experience.

It’s an eye-opening journey as you go through some ways of how most of Bangkok does on a typical morning. Balance is definitely something that is highly encouraged and applied to almost everything in life. Essentially, the program breaks it down to three stages incorporating Buddhist culture with nature like, a nutritious breakfast and spa wisdom.

Let’s get started, for guests begins their day a daily tradition of ‘Tak Bart’ – ancient custom of creating merit and attracting good karma. Then, they bring alms of food to the monks and receive traditional blessings of chants. The day leads towards a peaceful nature walk to the Lumpini Park close by which is commonly known as the ‘Green Lung of Bangkok’. Here is where relaxation unfolds itself upon the guests filling the air with vitality and transcends the senses – 45 minutes session of ancient Chinese Qi Gong, meditation, yoga or Pranayama, guided by Anantara’s expert Balance Wellness practitioner.

 Going with the energy flow, completing the full cycle of positivity comes a nutritious and vitamin-packed picnic breakfast. Featuring a colourful spread of goodness with quinoa, mixed fruit salad, combine with poached shrimp, smoked salmon with charcoal bread sandwich, homemade granola, and a dessert of dark chocolate petit fours. And this follows on to their liquid concoction of raw juices and a fresh detox blend.

Truly a place to dive deep into the healing powers of crystals with the signature 60-minute Chakra Crystal Balancing therapy treatment. Energy healing with a crystal infused oil blend is what makes it special for the guests to find unconditional love of Rose Quartz for the Heart Chakra, Amethyst, and Tiger Eyes naming a few of these precious wonders for other Chakra points. So, it’s definitely a stress relieving journey as guests purify their senses with a massage that promotes holistic wellbeing for a lasting experience altogether.

The signature experience lasts up to four hours with a starting price THB 8,500 per person subject to tax and service charge. For more information Click here.


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