Why The Idea Of Prioritising Our Skin Before Makeup Matters

Picking out the best products for your skin can be exhausting. From shelf to shelf, you are browsing through each product, reading its content and ingredients. You often dread the time when your cleanser or moisturizer finishes as it means you need to head down to your local drugstore and fearing you might be distracted by other new products.

And this is before the struggles of makeup. Imagine if your skin is well taken care of? That's a lot of Ringgits that can be saved up.

It's always a whole process for those of us who prioritise our skin before makeup. So here's an unpopular opinion for you: Why not you go for a facial, let the experts decide whats best for your skin, and you will one day stop relying on makeup but only moisturiser and sunscreen.

It can be a daunting thought to some: How can I ever leave my house without a layer of foundation and concealer?!

"Your Skin, Only Better" says Skin Guru

 Dr. Alina

Well, at Dermalene, they actually aim to provide a smart skin solution to those who really want simple yet effective skincare.

"Our drive is to create a skinalert community who are smart and full of knowledge about their own skin. The more you know about your skin, the better it will be. ‘Your skin, only better’ is the tagline we use in Dermalene as it speaks for our vision to improve the skin for everyone," said Dermalene's owner, Dr. Alina Hasni, whose products are segregated based on their clients skin type clinically.

"We understand the scientific reasoning behind skin conditions making our services specifically tailored for each skin stype," she added.

When I first entered Dermalene, I automatically thought of the clinics I go to when I'm feeling poorly. However, there was still a flair to it indicating that this is more than just another facial clinic. I was then escorted to the Consultation Room. There, I met Dr. Alina herself, as she explained to me the importance of investing in our skin rather than beauty products itself.

Dermalene's Face Analyser

Educating the public about how beautiful skin is equivalent to a healthy skin has been challenging for Dr. Alina as people tend to misunderstand the concept of beautiful skin. These days, the bigger majority thinks beautiful skin are those who are fair and light in colour which unfortunately, had led this stigma to an abusive usage of lightening creams that contains higher doses of hydroquinone and steroids which can have a negative long-term effect.

Later, I had place my face on to the Face Analyser for a skin inspection of my front, left, and right side face. Unfortunately, I was confronted with the current condition of my skin and the areas that needed special attention. 

The Writer's Skin Results

Based on my results, I experience a severe pigmentation problem while my pores are ever expanding.   Coming to terms with my skin condition has been a revelation and I encourage everyone to know your current skin condition so that you can understand its needs.

"I see a whole diferent light in skincare, it’s routine, and regime. When I combine my dermatology knowledge and the passion I have towards skincare, it enables me to prescribe skincare from active ingredients which is the key ingredients of a product," relayed Dr. Alina.

This Is How My Visits To Sephora Decreased

My heart giddied when I was directed to the Treatment Room because that's where all the magic happens! Dr. Alina suggested I undergo the Carbon Peel Advance treatment because it would help to refine my pigmentation and skin tone. This treatment would help to reduce oil seeds and dirt in your pores while shrinking the size of it too! It would also remove dead skin cells and restore your skin's natural glow.

Me in my comfort zone.
Started off with a calming exfoliation, I was rid off any chemicals on my face before proceeding with the treatment. Afters, a black layer of Carbon Cream was evenly smothered on my face for the dead skin cells to be extracted by using a carbon machine. After another cleanse, a thick layer of Masquerade Black that contains diatomaceous earth (removes impurities) and seaweed earth (moisturises skin) was spreaded on my face that functions to reduce the oil and scars on my face while enhancing a natural glow. It also had a cooling effect which helps to tone my facial muscle.

I was left to lay in a very peaceful state of mind before the assistant came in to gently wipe it off clean from my face. Finally, a beautiful scented moisturising sunscreen was massaged into my face.

All in all, I remembered thinking when they told me the session had ended, I felt my heart sank in a little. In my humble opinion, I believe my experience with Dermalene is the kind of facial clinic that aims to not only transform your skin but to transport you whilst undergoing your treatment. I can always appreciate a well-effort service! My skin felt genuinely hydrated, light, and fresh. I went on for days without makeup simply because my skin felt very radiant with just a slap of moisturiser and sunscreen!

Me with the Skin Guru

In the next five to ten years, Dr. Alina hopes to be apart of creating Malaysia as an international dermatology hub for clinical research, development, and training.

"I want to put Malaysia on the global map via this industry as our country contains a lot of resources and we need to fully utilize them. Every morning I look forward to one thing and that’s results! The transformations one after another is like fuel to my motivation. I also hope to collaborate with big  local and international names in the dermatology industry to improve Malaysian's skin," she shared.

Dermalene Medisuite & Consultancy is located in Shah Alam and you can visit their website here for further information.

Work-life balance can be troubling for some as we struggle to commit to our family, friends, and especially ourselves. This results to mediocracy and worst of all, a mediocre appearance. So that is why I strongly advocate for everyone to start making the time to always prioritise our skin. We are often too busy, events after events, deadlines and submissions  we forget to pay attention to what's most important. Imagine if we cared for our skin, we not only save money makeup but we could also exude confidence, calm, and collectedness.

We can't deny, good skincare products are always on the pricier end of the spectrum but think of it as an investment! When your skin is a picture of health, I can assure you that there will be less visits to Sephora.

So go for a good facial, treat yourself to a full body spa or buy that expensive range in Kiehl's. It's 2018 and it's time we start putting our  personal needs first; it's okay to be a little selfish.

As ever,
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