Underwater And Across Anantara Maldives’s New SKY

Experience newfound senses with Anantara Kihavanah Maldives Villas New SKY. It’s without a doubt one of the most visited places with blue lagoon waters, so what better way to see a whole new world other than to deep into a memorable journey. Where you never thought you could swim with Manta Rays on a vacation, but here it’s made possible for that once in a life time experience. 

The new SKY is Maldives’ only underwater observatory while you sip on your favourite cocktail. Resident, Sky Guru Shameem is a great storyteller to guide you through constellations and discover a blanket of stars as you gaze through the most powerful telescope in the region. The Sky Bar hosts an environment perfect for lounging and admiring the beauty around you. Away from the city life and into a tranquil state of mind laying on oversized daybeds. Exploring views from the horizon of great Indian Ocean sunsets. What more can you want.!

For more information on SKY, visit Here.


Underwater And Across Anantara Maldives’s New SKY Underwater And Across Anantara Maldives’s New SKY Reviewed by bernice on June 04, 2018 Rating: 5
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