Kuala Lumpur's Boutique Gyms And The Misconception About It

When adulting made me move my life to Kuala Lumpur, who would have thought that I would be part of a new family; a gym family and that's just how they make us feel-Perhaps in an effort to get more of our lazy butts off couches or maybe it's the friendly staff and the hipster interior, I spend most of my evenings after work at the gym just getting the most out of my membership

The reason? well you often come across ads about franchise gyms like Celebrity Fitness, Fitness First, and other lesser creative names and instantly, the thought of a big space with far too many equipment's comes to mind. Honestly speaking the idea of this 'space' feels less inclusive, sure gyms are not entirely about making new friends and whatnot but it just feels little cold and distant for me.

Neighborhood boutique gyms on the other hand is something uniquely different! the term boutique entails a small and exclusive space which perfectly describes the gym's purposes. For example, boutique gyms do not cater to all forms of exercises like what you find in franchise gyms. If you want to do only cycling, then there is a specific boutique gym that focuses only on spin classes aka a millennial term for cycling.

The thing about boutique gym is that, besides the cosiness and hipster interior, the crew really do love what they do and are really passionate about everything health and fitness. #noteverythingisaboutthemoney. And if they don't see you coming in as often or in a while, they would take the initiative to drop you a friendly text to know what's up! In a way, it makes you slightly more motivated than ever when you're greeted at the front door by these type of workers. As I mentioned that each boutique gym has it's own purpose. To me, that's brilliant because I won't feel too pressured by all the various equipment's or seeing others doing far too many routines already when I am still not done with my 5km treadmill run..

So here are my top three boutique gyms that I find to be most stimulating, interesting, and every other rhyming adjectives out there that depicts unique and eccentric.

1- Fly Project

Speaking to FLYPROJECT's director, Jason Choong, he said it was set out to create a lifestyle brand by identifying the key elements that can make it fun.

"Fitness just happens to be the byproduct. We create an atmosphere easy to socialise, create communities, and add in elements of lighting and state of the art sound system to take your mind away," said Jason.

So if you haven't sign up for FLYPROJECT, you are basically behind on your fitness journey!

"We educate, we motivate, and we keep you going. Fitness is not a race, it's a marathon, and we help guide and teach you how to live a longer and happier life," he added.

2- Union Strength

The moment you walk through the doors of Union Strength you will immediately feel welcomed to their community. That's how Carlos Villa, the owner of Union Strength immediately described his gym.

"From the staff's warm welcome, to the awesome music playlist to keep you company, to even the sound of laughters among the members. You don't quite get this feeling in many gyms you walk into and it automatically eliminates that 'intimidation' factor," he said.

Strategically located on the first floor of Hartamas Shopping Centre, Union Strength is the first strength and conditioning facility in the area. The gym boasts a wide variety of equipment ranging from kettlebells, battle ropes, treadmills, weightlifting platforms, power racks to even farmers walk logs.

As a hybrid gym combining both strength and functional training, Union Strength’s doors are open to the likes of competitive athletes whilst still being a friendly and helpful environment for beginners. Looking for a personal trainer to guide you towards your fitness goals? Personal training is also offered upon request!

For those who are thinking of kickstarting their fitness journey, Union Strength is the place to be. It has the perfect blend of positive vibes and energy, and most importantly, everyone there wants to help one another achieve their fitness goals!

3- Thrive MY

Realising that there needs to be a more effective and efficient way to reach out to people, Thrive MY then created a boutique fitness studio that focuses on educating, community and inclusiveness.

In hopes to improve the fitness scene, Thrive MY have expanded to certifying trainers while ensuring that more people have access to the right information.

"Expect to have a fitness class to suit every age and preference while we constantly work towards building a healthy community that supports and encourages each other. Evidence based programming ensures results from any one of our classes while we continuously improve based on feedback from our Thrivers," said Nadia Valentina, Thrive's marketing manager.

You may ask at this point would the cost of  almost RM200 from your bank account on a monthly basis be worth it?   Based on my experience here we are, six months later, with "@ the gym" jotted down in at least four boxes of each week in my monthly planner with no regrets whatsoever. I would say absolutely yes.

So fret not by the too-cool-for-you boutique gyms that you came across in your neighbourhood! It's meant to look that way, silly, so just walk right in, pretend you have a clue about fitness, sign up, and you'll fit right in, in no time!

As ever,
Kuala Lumpur's Boutique Gyms And The Misconception About It Kuala Lumpur's Boutique Gyms And The Misconception About It Reviewed by Najah on September 01, 2018 Rating: 5
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