The Debut of The MIAMI Kitchen

The Signature Group infuses contemporary Italian design and elegance in the local kitchen market with the debut of the MIAMI Kitchen, in collaboration with Biefbi Cucine and Bertone Design from Italy.
MIAMI Kitchen, a project by Biefbi Cucine and Bertone Design, the group that is well known for Italian car styling since the 50s - is the first kitchen designed based on inspiring solutions and materials used in automotive with hi-tech solutions; totally designed with a car design approach. Design and usability are perfectly combined in this project, where the right balances between refined aesthetics and ergonomics forms creative solutions without neglecting the functional aspects.

The Signature Kitchen Group has a strong history centered on quality, design and craftsmanship since 1994. Since the launching of its Signature Lifestyle Gallery at its headquarters in Kota Damansara, the gallery has showcased new and iconic designs, exemplifying key brand attributes such as inspiration, innovation, cutting-edge technology, world-class designs, and a commitment to provide customers with prestigious lifestyle brands through international brands such as Binova, Biefbi, G/F,
Miele, De Dietrich and Ariston; not forgetting its in-house brand – Signature Kitchen. Biefbi Cucine has been producing high quality, stylish kitchens in Italy since 1976. In the pursuit of design and the application of best technologies, Biefbi has always held a constant desire to improve itself in order to satisfy more demanding customers, always paying attention to the market evolution.

At the launch, Signature Kitchen Group also unveiled the latest appliances range from Italy’s leading cooking appliances brand, Ariston in a special cooking demo by Chef Stefano Griber from Enoteca, featuring specially curated Italian specialties. For more information, visit Biefbi Cucine’s exclusive showroom at the Signature Kitchen Lifestyle Gallery, Kota Damansara.

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