XALF’S Fabulous Six For Fab Moms

The power duo behind this sole online footwear label, Xavier Mah and Alfred Hor, brings a line that speaks to women who are fearless and inspiring individualism through their designs. Their craftsmanship showcased in each collection proves how well they understand - evoking emotions when women wear their custom made shoes. There’s always something new to explore and something old to reinvent.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner to celebrate our SuperMoms who wear their invisible cape of greatness. Introducing Xalf’s latest collection with six daringly chic pairs of shoes fitting for our beautiful Moms everywhere. Where flowers are great complementary gifts, fabulous shoes are greater because they last.

Price: RM1,850

For the moms out there who has it all together, either being a stay-at-home mom or the mom who packs lunches for her kids and still gets to meetings most of the time. And like the Mulligan being a well-balanced shoe from the crocodile gold print heel to gold body piping. Just a hint of seduction will do as the transparent mesh in front is styled. The perfect height of 1.5 inches to balance those Moms daily duties.

Price: RM 2,150

She’s the kind of woman who speaks diversities and cultures. Where she yearns to be around soulful spirits alike and be the center of attention in a subtle manner. The Kara is for moms who care to look put together yet not boring. With 2.5 inches, she’ll be able to bring out her confidence just right – faux snakeskin detailing on the top and gold zip piping.

Price: RM2,150

The Anise shoe is for the mom who is a go-getter and tells it like it is. Her family comes first without a doubt but so does she. Whenever there’s a red carpet event, she makes an entrance with her presence. And so does her standards of perfection that matches red with passion running down on a four-inch heel. Fearless curves in calf leather and black curving piping completes it all.

Price: RM 1,850

For the mom who likes classic beauty but with a twist. And that hint of allure captivated in the transparent mesh where it’s off white-beige colour is set against the black cap toe. The perfect silhouette for she who is classy with a pinch of sexy.

Price: RM1,250

For the mom who is just a burst of energy when you’re around her. She showers her family and friends with joy and laughter. Definitely, there’s a wild side to her where there’s always a moment put aside for fun. Dolly captivates in navy blue calf leather paired with a gold metal zip cap toe and dangerously complete with leopard printed fur.

Price: RM1,250

If your mom is the type who is able to get everything done and in order, then she’s probably the overachieving mom. And there is absolutely nothing wrong to that. So, how does she do it? Maybe cause’ Moms do know best. Like the Acmon, it’s a pair of patent leather ballet flats that’s versatile and beyond comfort with its Vero Cuoio sole.

Book an appointment at  +010 863 2887 or visit them at their website for more information here, www.xalfdesign.com.


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