PEDRO What Bikini Babe & Globetrotter

Vacation? What about some stylish travel gears to get you more pumped up for a sweet summer journey? PEDRO has some style essentials with their season ready collection – What Bikini Babe and Globetrotter.

For the quirky side in you, What Bikini Babe features a pair of sneakers, a small leather wallet, and a backpack. All of them come in summer vibe prints that will get you ready for that island "vacay" in retro style.

The second collection Globetrotter is definitely for those who are unafraid to go on many adventures. And they have the stamps to prove it, so why not flaunt it proudly with a pair of sneakers to help you get moving, and a backpack to pack all your essentials. The small leather wallet becomes a reminder of all the places you’ve been to or want to go.

 In stores nation wide staring June 2018.

PEDRO What Bikini Babe & Globetrotter PEDRO What Bikini Babe & Globetrotter Reviewed by Anonymous on June 15, 2018 Rating: 5
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