Five Things To Do In Kuala Lumpur On A Saturday Under RM50

We often read articles after articles about how to survive the old mundane routine weekdays, the too short for comfort weekends, or better yet, a cliche guide to a city or place. The lists are always endless and I find myself spoiled for choices. So naturally with many options one can get conflicted and would not know which or what to do!

So here at StyleGuru, I am going to break it down for you. And we shall start with a Saturday here in the big apple of Malaysia and like every struggling urbanite, this list will not only help your wallet but ensure a very lovely time with your family, friends, or significant other! As we all know, life in Kuala Lumpur can get pretty hefty. The cost of living isn't as affordable for many. So with first hand experience, I have managed to come up with a few things that you can or maybe even look out for in whatever state you are in (Penang, Melaka, Johor etc) and try do something almost similar.

1) Yoga @ KLCC Park

A free class mind you! However, this hour long session starts pretty early (7.30am) but it is completely worth it. Trust me. It is often coordinated by famous yogis like Atilia Haron or Rashidi so you won't be disappointed as you wake up before sunrise, bring your best smile and yoga mat to the park. And mind you, not only is the class free but the setting would have our famous Petronas Twin Towers as your view! Imagine all the wonderful Instagram yoga pictures you can take!

2) Breakfast @ Pelita Jalan Ampang

After rolling up your mat, I would suggest you walk through the park, head over to Japan Ampang (the other KLCC entrance) and go straight to Pelita; a classic mamak joint for affordable local delicacies. Whilst in conversation, the walk would probably take you 15-mins but trust me again, the morning sun and good company will not have you noticing the time.

Once at Pelita, I would suggest for you to order Roti Special which is torn up roti canai with kuah banjir (mixed gravies), sambal on the side, and two half boiled eggs to top it off. As for drinks, I would opt for a Limau Ais (iced lemon water) to wash it all down and keeping you refreshed! Will cost you about RM7 in total.

3) Grab a quick coffee @ BIGS Grocery Store before 10AM

Not many are aware of this but if you are familiar with BIGS grocery store, then you should know about their little cafe inside. Normally, you can get any coffee (with very excellent blend) for only RM5, but if you head over there before 10AM, you can get any coffee for RM5 and the second cup for free!

Please remember that this buy-1-free-1 is only until 10AM so be sure to not be late. Also, if you get an Americano, then your second cup will also have to be an Americano. It's simply very impressive because not only its cheap but the quality is sublime, and trust me for the third time the I take my coffee seriously. So if I says it's good, it's good.

4) Evening walks in Taman Saujana Hijau @ Putrajaya

A park that almost makes you feel like you are in chilly hills of Sabah, put your sneakers on and prepare yourself for a long and easy breezy walk in Taman Saujana Hijau. Like all parks, its free and we could always do with a bit of fresh air on the weekends after being cooped up in your office for five days straight. 

With beautiful sceneries and well-kept greeneries, your Instagram won't be ready for this..

5) Dinner @ Little Rara, Jalan Kia Peng

Can anyone not like Thai food?! I particularly love going to this branch because it's just behind Pavilion so you can definitely walk over to the mall for a good time after dinner.

You would expect anything served around Pavilion would be pricey, but fret not, this little joint is not only cheap but very delicious too! With authentic Thai cuisines, I make it a point to have dinner here at least once a month without fail, with an order of small Tomyam Talay Meggi, a plate of barbeqeud beef, and a cup of Thai iced tea. In total, it would cost RM33 which is fine because the meal can be  normally split for two!

And once you're done- enjoy a night stroll around the block among the city's skyscrapers where dreams are made of... Do let me know if you find this list helpful in any way! Have a very happy Saturday!

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