Mooncake Tea Gift Sets X Starbucks Malaysia

This Mid-Autumn festival, Starbucks Malaysia is offering an exclusive mooncake gift set to celebrate the harvest season with their new and unique mooncakes as well as returning favourites, also you can treat yourself or your loved ones with their newly launched mid-autumn merchandise!

The Mooncake Gift Set being offered for this mid-autumn festival includes four unique mooncacke flavours to try. First is their Low Sugar White Lotus with Yolk mooncake which has a traditionally baked Cantonese mooncake skin, filled with rich salted egg yolk together with white lotus filling. There is also the Mixed Nuts mooncake which also has a traditonally baked Cantonese mooncake skin but filled an assortment of nuts and dried fruit giving it a crunchy and creamy texture for you to enjoy!

However, it's not just the new mooncakes that will be included in this gift set but also the returning favourites as well. One of which being the Green Tea Key Lime mooncake, made using a premium blend of green tea, lotus, and key lime that will give a burst of flavour the moment you sink your teeth in, wrapped in a Matcha pastry to give it a fusion of Japanese and citrus flavours and let's not forget about the Roselle Blueberry mooncake returning with it's delicious blueberry filling, wrapped in a rich red Roselle pastry, it's just a delicacy on top of a delicacy!

Also included in this tea gift set, a limited-edition teapot and two stackable mugs which sports the symbolic Mid-Autumn purple along with the moon rabbit incorporated in to it's design. Now, of course a tea set is not complete without the most important part, the tea! In this gift set, there are two sachets of Teavana Emperor's Cloud & Mist tea, a mildly sweet and smoky green teat made from high above, covered in refreshing mist and clouds. The Mooncake Gift Set is priced at RM148. In addition, you can get yourself a specially made mooncake felt beg which can be redeemed with an activation or reload of RM150 for your Starbucks card, hurry while stocks last!

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