Don't Forget About These Five Brunch Cafes In Kuala Lumpur

As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It's healthy, high in fibre, and fuel to go, go, go! Brunch, on the other hand, is notably the most indulgent meal of the week. It's decadent, often times wrapped in beef bacon, and slathered with hollandaise.

With two very different ways to start your day, here are some of the best brunch cafes around Kuala Lumpur that I personally find has its quality and price up to par!

1) Yellow Brick Road

Thoughts: Portion, taste, and interior most definitely worth the price, I can always count of Yellow Brick Road to fill me up on any weekends with my loved ones as I opt for my usual Eggs Norwegian V2.0  and Chai latte. However, when my tastebuds are craving for something sweet, I would highly recommend their French toast.


Thoughts: Affordable but still delicious, Feeka is definitely everyone's go to brunch cafe automatically when they can't think of where to eat! Personally, there are some days I still dream (crave) for Feeka's yoghurt parfait!

3) Tray Cafe

Thoughts: You can't go wrong with the classic sauté mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, toasted bread with butter, and eggs. However, instead of scramble, I like to request for poached which the staffs were very happy to oblige.

4) Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Thoughts: I bet you didn't expect this franchise to be in the list, huh? You can never go wrong when your first meal of the day starts with a bagel and fortunately, Coffee Bean has excellent selections! Pairing it their fresh smoked salmon, I think I just might have this on a weekday too.

5) Kettlebell

Thoughts: Imagine a pretty cafe in Barbie world. That's what the interior AND COFFEE feels like when you are at Kettlebell. With drinks and food served in pink dishes, you have to experience this ironically elegant cafe as the name surely is slightly misleading!

I believe that breakfast is more of eating to live, where as, brunch is more towards living to eat. I hope you will find something you like in this list!

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