7 Sexy Tattoo Trends To Rock At The Beach

Get ready for some summertime happiness! Have you been thinking about the crystal blue waves, golden sandy beaches, and a coconut in hand? Be super excited to wear all the summer dresses, tops, and accessories. Show off those tattoos even to complete your desired look! Here are some trends to look out for right here in 2022.

1. Beach Waves

Cute simple wave tattoo inked anywhere you can think off. Now, you can be closer to the ocean than you think. It’s minimal for those wanting a more subtle look.

2. Anchor Away

Ankle tattoos are great for you to flaunt those legs by the beach, even better with a tiny anchor symbol around it? Stay grounded!

3. Happy Hamsa

Attract more happiness, luck, good health, and fortune! All while basking in the sun’s glory on the white sand. Also, protect yourself from the evil eye.

4. Seashells by the Shore

There’s something magical about collecting seashells by the beach when we were younger. Get a seashell-shaped tattoo on your wrist, ankles, or other peek-a-boo areas.

5.Palm Life

Easy, breezy, palm life coming your way, inked. Bring those tropical vibes with you everywhere you go. Did you know palm branches are a symbol of peace, victory, and eternal life? The meaning originated from ancient times in the Near East and the Mediterranean.

6. Feather

Finger tattoos are good for a more subtle look. Light as a feather yet bold enough to make a statement. It could mean being care-free on the beach perfect for summer season. It's the attention to detailing that gives smaller tattoos that slight edge.

7. Watercolour

Explore other colour palettes and different hues to bring a tattoo design to life. Watercolour tattoos give the illusion of a more real-life effect. Be inspired by anything you desire, whether it's nature, animals, or even abstract, the choices are endless.

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