PITERA Masterclass ft James Corden & John Legend

There's something about the new SK-II video that makes us go LOL. The brand is back with more skincare action with the release of "Pitera Masterclass", for their newest installation in "Bare Skin Chat", a first of its kind beauty entertainment web series featuring none other then comedian TV host, James Corden and Naomi Watanabe. 

If you enjoyed the short skincare conversation "Bare Skin Chat" back in April this year, then you will surely love this layesy addition as  James Corden and Naomi Watanabe will venture out of the bathroom and land themselves in an even unlikelier location.., a sake brewery to search for the origins of SK-II's iconic ingredient, Pitera essence.

And along with that, the "Pitera Masterclass" also unveils new cast members, Tang Wei with award-winning singer and songwriter John Legend. Fans can look forward to John Legend's release of "Oh PITERA", an original love song and music video created specially for SK-II bestseller. Watch the series on Youtube here.

PITERA Masterclass ft James Corden & John Legend  PITERA Masterclass ft James Corden & John Legend Reviewed by Editor S on June 30, 2019 Rating: 5

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