10 Insta-Famous Real Fashion & Beauty Influencers You Need To Know

Sure, there are far too many accounts on Instagram that features the latest beauty & fashion trends with lots of people who post makeup photos, videos and tips to style an outfit. You're are probably idly looking through your Instagram feed before bed, next thing you know, you've found yourself with a list of stuff that you need to get to achieve that Insta-look.

Whether you are looking for inspiration to reshuffle your wardrobe or discover the trendy new makeup look in town, chances are these influencers will help guide you through. Some of these insta babes are legit makeup artist and some are simply passionate about fashion. These are not the same old look at me i'm rich so called Instagramers. We know they are real hard working women who actually post informative and refreshing content such as tutorials, reviews and more --   We surely get lots of inspiration from this ladies. So hit on that follow button, and join us for the ride !

1. @sarah.stylings
Sarah M is the queen of styling, who often shares her tips in styling an outfit, such as 5 ways to style your basic white tee, little black dress and etc. Definitely makes dressing up fun and easy ! While sharing her styling tips, Sarah often likes to mix and match her clothing to incorporate the latest look from the runway too and she also occasionally shares beauty tips on her feed too.

2. @emmashazleen
Emma Shazleen, based in KL, is a mom of three who is famous for her sense of style. Her page is full of ootds, how to's and snapshots of her travels.

When you are feeling like yourself yet still want to look red-carpet ready, turn to Khaininakhalil. She posts effortless makeup and skincare videos weekly, which often feature products that she likes or the currently look that she is loving.

4. @emilyquak
Emily Quak is a well-known youtuber and beauty influencer who lives in KL, currently. She usually posts videos of "impressive makeup artist level kind of" makeup tutorial that you can follow along to recreate. Her captions always include all the products in creating the look too, so no fuss in pausing the video to figure out what and which product.

5. @penmyblog
Shiv B is a makeup enthusiast. She is consistently posting makeup videos and the latest beauty drops in town. Although her makeup look might seem incredibly dramatic, but you can definitely follow through her tutorial to get the look.

6. @jessicachaw
Jessica Chaw, fashion and travel content creator, seems to always post outfit photos with a stunning background. Recently, scroll through all her travels to get some outfit and photo inspiration while planing your next big holiday.

7. @parisbmws
Paris B, also the blog owner of My Women Stuff, definitely lives her motto of sharing her honest opinions on skincare and makeup. Whether it's the latest skincare or foundation, you can find reviews and snapshots of it on her Instagram.

8. @chenellewen
Chenelle Wen, a fashionista whose feed is full of amazing dresses, swimwear and also accessories from her own brand, Chelby C. Now she never fails to share amazing shots of her trip in the feed. Follow her Instagram to keep up with all the exciting stories.

9. @minaros3
If you're someone who loves makeup and furkids, you'll relate to Mina Ros. She is a beauty influencer that shares makeup tutorials and also rescues animals on the side. In her feed, you'll find basically everything about her from her everyday food to makeup to her lovely furkids too.

Yasmeen Razak, makeup enthusiast and freelance makeup artist. While everyone is doing dramatic makeup tutorials, she always shares tips of the simplest ways in putting on makeup from mascara to liners shes the one you go to for  affordable fabulous makeup looks.

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