A Tatooine Journey @ Anantara Tozeur Resort

Fancy some old fashion Star wars adventures? Well Anantara Tozeur Resort gives you the opportunity to visit some of the locations from the first and second trilogies and its called the  Tatooine Journey Package.

Just opened last December in the southwest of Tunisia, the resort offers a luxury gateway to the mystical Sahara Desert and its breathtaking natural landscapes. Fans of the epic space trilogies created by George Lucas will surely be very familiar with some of these panoramas, as the southern Tunisian desert around Tozeur served as the filming locations for numerous scenes from the Star Wars movies.

Head to the town of Tatooine which is located a few hours away from the property, from where the famed planet took its name. Much closer by is the site for one of Tatooine’s spaceport settlements which was featured in Episodes One and Two. On route guests drive will through the spectacular landscapes of Ong Jemel, ‘the neck of the camel’ were you get to enjoy more scenes from Episode One.

Travelling through the charming town of Tozeur and on to the mountains in the north west, guests also have the opportunity to visit Mides Canyon, seen in the original trilogy. After visiting the stunning canyon, stop briefly at the village of Chebika and the mountain oasis of Tamerza where a waterfall and the option of some refreshments await. Then venture onward and into the Chott el Djerid, the largest salt lake in the Sahara Desert, its vast endless panoramas also recognisable from the original trilogy.

For those fans who would like some memories on IG  from their Tozeur desert experiences, there is the option to don a cape and light saber at the nearby film set, to create some truly memorable shots. Now fanboys and girls that's a holiday. For more on travel and stays visit @Anantara.com.

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