Innika Choo SS 2020 #Timeless Bohemian

It's time to whip out all those sun dresses as Innika Choo, the Australia-born designer's latest Spring/Summer 2020 will bring you through Australia and Bali. 

The collection is inspired by the sunny climes of her native Australia and also the beautiful beaches of Bali. Timeless bohemian incorporates pieces we've come to expect from Choo - In the  form of lovely resort wear with clean colors and classic-with-a-twist dresses. Also each garment is handmade, accentuating its timeless, bohemian feel featuring cuts from crisp ginghams and airy voiles to classic embroidered patterns. Alternatively cover-ups, maxi tiered dresses and sandals will surely satisfy your inner wanderer. Available worldwide now @InnikaChoo

Innika Choo SS 2020 #Timeless Bohemian Innika Choo SS 2020  #Timeless Bohemian Reviewed by Editor S on March 13, 2020 Rating: 5

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