Essens #All the Goodness Of Rice

As always we love home grown brands and this may be of interest for the everyday quick cleanse girl, Essens uses rice water infused with Oryzalac probiotic technology to keep you looking fresh and vibrant all-day long.  For all skin types, the Purifying Facial Foaming Cleanser and Skin Activating Serum gently cleans away dirt and impurities while maintaining skin moisture that helps to lighten pigmentation and reduce wrinkles.

Oryzalac Probiotic's is a highly specialized technology which includes Oryza Sativa (Whole Rice Plant). The product is formulated via a double fermentation process that allows it to be free from harmful chemicals while retaining all the positive goodness.

“Our objective is to develop the highest standard of skincare products using only the premium, highest standard, safe, natural, environmental and animal friendly  biotechnology and ingredients. We are committed to provide the best possible support and the growth and development of the “SAFE” skincare in the industry”, says Syaza Rosli, Founder of Essens. @Essens

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