Get Inspired With These Designer Face Masks # Social Distancing

As the world advocates social-distancing and a new norm has given rise to a single accessory that you should never leave home without the "face mask" - Now the idea here is simple, cloth face coverings will help to slow the spread of Covid-19 and help people who may have the virus and do not know it from transmitting it to others.

With that in mind here are some inspirational ideas from designer fashion brands to stay safe and responsible while being seriously chic!

Marine Serre sent models down the runway in Paris Fashion Week in a variety of face masks that looks as chic as the whole outfit. Influencer and model Kozue Akimoto even attended the show wearing their red and black face mask with a bold red blazers, making the idea of wearing face mask stylish and runway ready. @MarineSerre

Chinese designer's face mask game are also going strong with Masha Ma's debut of the brand's crystal-studded face mask during its Paris Fashion Week runway show. Some models were seen donning Swarovski-studded face masks to match the outfits in the urban-chic collection. @MashaMa

Billie Eilish was spotted at the Grammy Awards in January with this sheer with gold bling Gucci mask that instantly added a glam element to her whole look. Imagine wearing an all black outfit with this sheer Gucci mask, it'll scream nothing but attitude and chic! @Gucci

The well-known fashion house, Louis Vuitton might not have commercially-available face masks but it is believed that they do take custom made order and even if they do not, many online vendor are offering Louis Vuitton face mask made from the brands scarfs and leather. @LouisVuitton

Chanel seeks simplicity in their face mask with their iconic CC logo on a black background, making it "very simple, very pure momentum. Romanticism, but without any flourishes" as described by Viard on her designs. @Chanel

For more on social distancing guidelines and information on the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) visit 
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