Bespoke Skincare # IOPE LAB

Now if you are look for a high end and a seriously high tech skincare brand to venture your hard earned dollars check this out, IOPE Lab recently re-opened is flagship store located in Seoul's downtown shopping district where consumers can get beauty solutions that are personalized by genetic analysis and tailor made products.

The brand may be a little obscure here in Malaysia, but you will surely recognize its more famous sister brands LANEIGE and ETUDE house.

Their Skin Future Solution Program analyzes the customer's genes and measures his or her skin conditions precisely. One of the tools used in the process is IOPE's 'Lab Geno Index', a genetic analysis kit co-developed with Theragen Bio. The service analyzes 26 genes, including 13 types of skin genes and 13 types of health-related genes, from different angles and blends the findings of the genetic testing with seven common skin concerns to provide the most efficient skincare solutions.

 Also their Tailored Solution Program is developed for  consumers seeking customized solutions for their skin type and unique skin problems. Lab Tailored 3D Mask and Lab Tailored Serums are made based on high-precision skin measurement, enabling a perfect fit and solution. Using advanced 3D printing technology, a hydrogel mask that is tailored to each customer's facial features is created in the shop, so that it perfectly adheres to the skin. 6 different active ingredients can be applied to various parts of the face, including forehead, nose, cheeks, and the areas around the eyes and mouth. As for Lab Tailored Serum, it is prepared on the spot by mixing the optimal ingredients for the customers' skin type and problems. 20 versions of the Serum are available with four base formulas and five solutions. Now that's what I call personalized cosmetics.@IOPE

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