Rock This Season # The Most Stylish Tote Bag Trends

Summer's in and lockdowns are out - As we venture out a tote is the simplest on the go item to throw in all that life saving essentials such masks, gel and more! So how about do it in style while social distancing. Lets dive into the tote bag trends that's a must-have to stay stylish while running errands.

Quilted Textures Tote
Quilted bags of all sizes and colors are timeless. It all started with Coco Chanel first ever quilted leather handbag in 1955 and now you can easily spot this quilted trend in every design, even on shopping bags. I can assure you that this style is sure to last you a lifetime, so get it ! 

The XL Tote
It's no longer just the mini and micro bags that are getting the runway's attention. It's time to make room for the extra large tote bag that can practically fit anything or anyone. This XL tote is perfect for those days where you have to be running around bringing your whole life with you. 

Monogram Tote 
Try monogram and stamps tote bag with a plain white dress or the basic tshirt and jeans. It will instantly make your everyday outfit merrier. 

Straw Tote 
This is the bag to add to your wardrobe this summer and it will last a lot more longer than you think.  the trend is not just for beach holiday anymore, As it's the perfect earthy carry on to inject a neutral tone into everyday mix and the best part is the fact that it goes well with practically anything from jeans and t-shirt to dress. 

Street Style Shopper Tote 
If the design above are just simply too boogee for your liking, this canvas street style shopper tote is the way to go. The shopper tote is no longer just for market or grocery run, these are some seriously comfy style kits you can wear every day.   

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