Big Bang Millennial Pink #Hublot

Hublot has teamed up with Garage Italia to produce the new Big Bang, christened Millennial Pink. Envisioned as new approach to timekeeping and style that embraces the trend of gender neutral aesthetics.

The new color code that defines this watch gives thoughts of powder pink or pastel to some; for others, a subtle blend of beige and salmon, apricot and grapefruit. Millennial Pink takes its place today as a pink which is not in the exclusive realm of women, nor that of men, but a symbol that expresses a gentle, inclusive and confident approach to life.

"At Garage Italia, we want to be part of a world where the character of every person is defined by their love of life and their inclusivity, rather than by their power or their superiority. More than simply a product, we want to create something which represents a positive change." - Lapo Elkann, Founder.

Its 42-mm case sets the tone: made from modern, lightweight aluminium, a unisex and monochrome material, anodised, satin-finished and through-tinted millennial pink. This technical feat has been made possible thanks to research undertaken by Hublot's engineers. This highly specific colour is obtained by anodisation, a process which both protects and decorates a part, and which has the advantage of giving the case and its components the desired pastel shade combined with remarkable resistance to scratches and impacts. Its proportions ensure it sits perfectly on any wrist. Gender Neutral. The Unico chronograph manufacture movement, boasting a 72-hour power reserve, has a chronograph mechanism on the dial side and a column wheel. Also  supplied with two straps, easily interchangeable thanks to Hublot's exclusive patented One Click system.

The Big Bang Millennial Pink produced in collaboration with Garage Italia will only be available in a very exclusive limited edition of 200 pieces. For more visit
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