Uniqlo U #FW 2020

Uniqlo's U F/W 2020 brings a varied palette of neutrals and skin tones that meld with deep, muted  colors for a warm and fuzzy feel in this last season of the year. As always the brands focus on minimalist comfort is highly evident. 

The women's line shows details with addition of comfort, inspired by minimalism, clean and functional pieces are designed to augment a modern wardrobe. Classics and inter-seasonal pieces are updated with details and comfort, with neutrals and skin tones evoking a sense of warmth and coziness. Grayish blue provides subtle contrast. A touch of shine elevates styles with a hint of luxury, with satins and crinkled viscose bringing a refined note to simple, straight silhouettes.  

A long, padded coat combines elegant volume with soft warmth. Vintage-inspired dresses feature sophisticated detailing and a relaxed fit, while knits hug the form with sensuous definition. A boxy wool-blend jersey jacket has echoes of menswear in a feminine shape. 

As for the men's sophisticated warmth if the driving trend, drawing on the energy of European youth street culture of decades ago, classic and sportswear influences are seen in boxy silhouettes and oversized proportions. Neutrals with elegant highlight tones are balanced with black, white, and dark blue. Burnt orange and Bordeaux red provide rich accents. Textures and warm surfaces such as corduroy, wool-blend fleece, and wool jersey offer a greater sense of comfort. Available September 18th @Uniqlo.com

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