Khoon Hooi Fall 2020 Collection

The ultimate two in one transitional outfit is making an appearance again. We are talking about dresses, more specifically those with long-sleeves and of the maxi variety. In Khoon Hooi's Fall 2020, the designer saddles up and heads far out to the North American west for his spirited looks that defines this season.  Your are brought on to an exploration of cultural cornerstones with cowboys as well as the allure of geometric rock formations of the arid Mojave desert. 

With that, the designer has put together a Fall collection that encompasses a neutral palette with a mood for bare shoulders and breezy numbers in rich colors. As seen in the collection, the "Cassie" long skirt swings beautifully in pleated star print brocade whereas the "Lula" midi skirt comprises double layers of pleated plaid tulle that are softer, portraying the desert breeze in fall. Aside from that the bare shoulder dressings, shape changing long fringe, asymmetric one-shoulder tops and buckled bows round off some statement pieces in an elaborated puffy brocade bodice. For more on the full collection check out @KhoonHooi.

Khoon Hooi Fall 2020 Collection Khoon Hooi Fall 2020 Collection Reviewed by Editor S on November 09, 2020 Rating: 5

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