Fresh Kombucha Cleansing Treatment


Fresh just introduced a new member to their anti-pollution lineup, the Kombucha Cleansing Treatment. Kombucha has been trending lately as a skincare ingredient for its powerful anti-pollution and antioxidant properties that acts as the first step in your anti-pollution routine, from microscopic particles to blue light emissions this will help reduce its impact. Here's what you need to know..

WHAT ? A no-rinse, ultra-effective 3-in-1 cleanser and treatment that cleanses, repairs and treats skin's microbiota with prebiotic inulin, a natural ingredient derived from chicory roots with special skin-balancing properties. 

WHO ? All skin types.

WHEN ? First step in your morning and night skincare routine. 

WHERE ? All over the face with cotton pad.

HOW ? Just Drop & Soak cotton pad with Kombucha Cleansing Treatment, then Press & Wipe gently around eyes and brow, lastly Circle & Wipe around the face, repeat until cotton pad comes away clean. No need to rinse. 

WHY ? The Kombucha Cleansing Treatment contains powerful ingredients such as Prebiotic inulin to boost skin natural defense system against external aggressors, Kombucha, a fermented black tea rich in antioxidants to combat free radicals, also Soap berry peel extract with high concentration of saponins, natural cleansing agents to gently cleanse the skin of dirt and impurities. 

Kombucha Cleansing Treatment is priced at RM 98 (75ml) and RM 190 (200ml), will be available from 5 Jan 2021 at fresh Boutique and online nationwide. @FreshBeauty

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