In the old days primers tend to be overlooked by most, probably because of its image of rich and silicon-like finish that doesn't feel natural for daily use. But now the newest primers out there promise to do more than ever, pushing limits on how long makeup can last, brighten skin and more. MAKEUP FOREVER's latest addition of STEP 1 PRIMERS is one of the most inclusive range of primers featuring 3 custom-based skin perfectors and 6 targeted color correctors. Here's what you need to know..

WHAT ? A comprehensive collection of primers that is designed for customization - personalize your coverage by targeting skin concerns with different formulas. 

WHO ? The 3 Skin Perfectors for (1) Shine Control to address oily skin, (2) Pore Minimizer to refine skin texture, (3) Hydra Booster to infuse instant plump texture and luminosity. While the 6 Color Correctors are designed to neutralize and brighten each individual skin's needs. 

WHEN ? Each of the 9 primers is designed to be included in all skincare routines everyday, as the first step before makeup.

WHERE ? Apply on an area of the face to focus on, like the bridge of the nose, cheeks for pore control. 

HOW ? To personalize priming, 1st step is to consider primary skin concern based on the 3 Skin Perfectors, then apply it on targeted areas and followed up Color Correctors alongside the nose and outward toward the cheeks and the sides of the mouth and forehead. Unify with your favourite foundation and the rest of the makeup. 

WHY ? The pro crafted formulas are infused with Ginseng, an adaptogen known to survive and thrive in extreme conditions, so they can stay smooth and balanced. Each formula is powered by a blend of highly effective ingredients, including Glycerin, Glycols and B 5 Provitamins, which infuse skin with hydration, softness and elasticity spherical powders, to impart a creamy sensorial and gorgeous blurring effects as well as polymers, expert film formers which ensure all day long lasting results.

 At RM 169 for full size 30ml and RM 95 for travel size 15ml, available at MUFE Pavilion Boutique and Sephora Stores. @MAKEUPFOREVERMY


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