The Cartier Tank Asymétrique

The New Cartier Privé Collection highlights the design of the Maison's legendary watches. One its first models to be reinterpreted by the Cartier watchmaking design studio is none other than the Tank Asymétrique. 

Tank Asymétrique watch which was also known in 1936 as the Parallelogramme or Losange, everything on the dial was shifted 30 degrees to the right. Now the new Tank Asymétrique has its two horizontal shafts connected by two oblique ones, and its numerals off-set by 30 degree to the right and they have  have included the Manufacture 1917 MC movement, a noble movement due to the beauty of the manual winding gesture, making it fashionably striking on the wrist. 

As on the Tank Asymétrique skeleton watch, the 9623 MC skeleton movement appears at the centre of a bare structure, punctuated by the 12 and the 6. The integration of this specially developed calibre within an asymmetric watch fulfils the mission of the Cartier Privé collection which is to apply technology to the service of design. It is definitely an elegant and unique watch from the movement to the window and case. Each aesthetic comes in a limited edition of 100 pieces. @Cartier

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