Etude House # The Veil Breeze Collection

No matter what your  post beauty routine looks like, chances are you'll need to get your makeup game back on for Spring. 

The Veil Breeze collection is the perfect makeup choice for a transition from winter to spring. The limited edition Look At My Eyes- eyeshadows sway in a warm spring breeze with natural tones that comes in 5 different natural light textures that layer brightly without feeling heavy on your lids.

 In addition to the limited edition Veil Breeze eyeshadow, Etude House has added a selection of Powder Veil Lips-Talk to complete the Spring breeze look. The lipstick provides a matte finish which also comes in non-stuffy light colors for a light vibe. The Powder Veil Lips-Talk's shades range from coral beige to subtle mauve hues.  Available in-store and online @EtudeHouse.
Etude House # The Veil Breeze Collection Etude House  # The Veil Breeze Collection Reviewed by Editor S on March 04, 2021 Rating: 5

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