Uniqlo's +S Sport Utility Wear Collection

It's time to pay off that Christmas feasting guilt and start to boost your physical and emotional wellbeing. For some people that may be putting on some leggings for a meditation session but if you are an outdoor person that enjoys all weather sports, the basic leggings and t-shirt  will not make the cut. So check out UNIQLO's latest +S Sport Utility Wear collection to maximize your outdoor activity fun. 

This highly functional addition to the Fall/Winter LifeWear range, is a joint development with leading Swedish athletes that leverages the power of clothing to support active living. It delivers functionality, comfort and versatility for all weather such as New Ultra Stretch Dry fabric, Freedom sleeves, Washable grained padding, stretch yarn to reduce weight and large-capacity 35L high performance backpack. 


On top of that the eco-friendly design jackets and pants are made from recycled polyester grain padding from plastic bottles and non-flourinated water repellent finish, continuing their sustainable efforts. 

Uniqlo Debut +S Sport Utility Wear Collection is priced from RM 199 to RM 399, and available at UNIQLO Fahrenheit 88  and online. @UniqloMalaysia
Uniqlo's +S Sport Utility Wear Collection Uniqlo's +S Sport Utility Wear Collection Reviewed by Editor S on January 08, 2022 Rating: 5

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