Uniqlo Steps Up Local Sustainability Efforts for Better Malaysia

Fashion may be the most detrimental sector for the planet but does that mean no more shopping? Let's be honest, we are not going to stop buying clothes altogether. As an individual, we just need to be socially responsible in making clothing purchases like investing in high-quality pieces that will last. As for fast retailing brands, they have a bigger role to play to create a more sustainable action plan. 

So in-line with this, our favourite Japanese clothing brand, Uniqlo is stepping up their sustainability efforts with the focus on the environment, people and society in order to create a better Malaysia. Uniqlo Malaysia has created a set of sustainable action plan to meet across the group by year 2030, with the key initiatives of "Making Good Clothes that are Better for the Environment, People and Society". 

To start of the sustainability effort, 50% of carbon emissions from electricity at all Uniqlo stores and offices is now currently offset through redemption of renewable energy certificates, stores have to meet across the group by year 2030. As for clothing, since 2019, Uniqlo has increasingly introduced recycled materials into its products which includes the upcoming 2022 Spring/Summer collection where 15% of polyester used will be derived from recycled PET bottles. Globally, the brand aims to increase proportion of recycled materials to approximately 50% by 2030. Besides that they are also moving towards zero waste with continuous recycling and upcycling plastic used in the delivery of items, switched from plastic to paper bags. digitizing work processes, providing clothes repair and upcycling services for customers to repurpose their Uniqlo clothing to extend the value and lifecycle of their clothes.  With the goal of creating a better Malaysia together with Malaysians for the future, @UniqloMalaysia

Uniqlo Steps Up Local Sustainability Efforts for Better Malaysia Uniqlo Steps Up Local Sustainability Efforts for Better Malaysia Reviewed by Editor S on March 22, 2022 Rating: 5

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