Hungarian Film Fiesta In Malaysia

In the second week of June, from the 7th until the 10th comes the Hungarian Film Fiesta screening at GSC cinemas. Celebrating the 65th year anniversary of the football game played between two countries Hungary and England. Hungary defeated England to win  6-3 , an amazing feat for this little European country. 

Documentary chasers can expect to see 'Puskas Hungary' entails the legendary soccer player Ferenc Puskas - epitome of rags to riches story that led him to become a star, he made a comeback after a breakdown, and in his 30s world-renowned forward for Real Madrid. Then, there's 'Barca's Untold Legends'  where the 1950s Messi was a Hungarian, back then known as Laszlo Kubala.

Get ready to be in for bucket full of laughter with these two, 'Brazils' and '6:3 A.K.A. Past Plays Itself'. Two comedy films where one is about a town and a local football championship evoking emotions. While, the other predicts the goal results of a game to remember England vs Hungary in 1953.

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