5 Best Coffee Shops In Klang Valley That May Put Starbucks Out Of Business

I have had my fair share of this dark, rich and complex experience in a cup. But like this life, there's always so much more to learn and discover. Personally, the thick richness of a coffee drink stands out the most to me especially on those blury mornings and lazy afternoons.

And since returning from Melbourne and starting my life here in Kuala Lumpur, I made it a point to visit all the growing independent cafes which are sprouting at every corner and street of Klang Valley. This list could have been a long one, perhaps I would do a Season 2? But for now, these are my favorite coffee shops that may just give Starbucks a run for its money.

Kopenhagen Coffee
Location: Mont Kiara

I could vividly remember my first time here. I was already excited for my next visit. Just as you walk up the stairs leading to the cafe, you could almost feel something amazing awaits you. Kopenhagen Coffee did not let me down. 

Instantly, I was greeted by a room filled with natural light (something most cafes now lack due to their eagerness for a cosy vibe) and friendly baristas. Naturally, when one thinks of minimal decor, they would assume it would lack cosiness. But not this cafe. You would be surprised at how this Danish interior could make you feel right at home.

The coffee is tamped, dripped, and poured artistically and served in their unique ceramic Danish cups. I've had my fair share of coffee experience and notably, no cafe has taken this extra mile. Thank you, Kopenhagen Coffee. I will always be back.

Weekdays, Kopenhagen Coffee opens from 9AM to 5PM and weekends, it opens from 9AM to 7PM.

Location: Damansara Perdana

The existence of FĒST was completely unheard of until a dear friend recommended it to me. Previously, they opened up at Jaya One (an office and hangout hub for all walks of life) in Petaling Jaya before moving to their current location.

What caught my attention mostly were two things; their chai latte and the outdoor bar for you to people-watch while sipping your cuppa. The concept was new to me here in Malaysia as not many cafes have done so. Currently, FĒST is located in Damansara Perdana, a place more centralised towards the working urbanites. I would recommend the Chai latte and the soy flat white.

FĒST opens everyday except Sunday at 8AM and closes at 10PM.

Location: Taman Tun Dr. Ismail

If you would like to feel as though you  have been transported to a whole new country, then Mukha is where you need to spend your time (and money) because instantly, it felt like I have landed in a cafe on the streets of Morroco. 

I appreciate the fact that Mukha went to great lengths with the interior and ambience. With their incense that brought a thousand childhood memories flowing in, I almost never wanted to leave the cafe. Keeping you company is also their Arab music playlist and their friendly baristas, as you can sit for hours enjoying so many delicious items from their menu. Their lamb is definitely a hit!

Mukha offers a range of funky coffee drinks like their Red Latte which includes thick Rooibos tea, milk frothed to perfection and with a hint of Gula Melaka. To each their own so for now, I'll stick to their latte. Occasionally, Mukha organises their "Pour Over Session by the Blue Window" for anyone who I interested to learn and improve on their pouring technique. Feel free to stay updated on their Instagram.

Mukha opens at 11AM and closes at 11PM, except on Friday and Saturday where they would open at 2.30PM and close at 1AM.

Three Little Birds
Location: Sentul East

Quaint and cosy; if my office was situated above it, the baristas would then definitely know my name and my usual by now. Unfortunately, that's not the case as where I work and live is 15 minutes away.

Nestled in the heart of Sentul, a place you didn't think you'd end up making trips to, lies a coffeeshop that reminds of Disney's classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. No, don't worry, it's not decked with bunny statues and whatnot. A little gloomy at times with their dark painted walls and themed furnitures, but the quality of their coffee; I can still remember the bitter goodness of their aftertaste as their blend reminds of the time when I just started drinking real coffee in university. 

My visits to Three Little Birds often takes me down memory lane, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Coffee? Exceptional. Ambience? Great. Should you visit? Obviously.

Three Little Birds opens at 8AM everyday and closes at 11PM, except for Sundays where they open at 9AM and closes at 10PM.

PULP by Papa Palheta
Location: Bangsar

Modern and minimal; only so few can pull this combo and PULP has not only done no wrong, but has set the standards pretty high for other cafes to keep up. You can sense the coffee culture strong in this joint as the talents from their baristas can not go unnoticed as their orchestrated movements behind their Synesso Espresso becomes almost entertaining.

As aethetiscally pleasing every corner of their cafe may be, PULP's coffee did not escape my attention. Whether it is sipping top-flight coffee or buying freshly roasted espresso blends and single-origin beans, PULP offers plenty of beautiful balanced filter coffee that I would recommend everyone to try. Especially if you don't or haven't tried filtered coffee, this is where you must lose your filter-coffee virginity.

A great city deserves great coffee? What would Kuala Lumpur ever do without you, PULP.

PULP By Papa Palheta currently opens from 9AM to 7PM weekdays (except Mondays) and 9AM to 10PM on weekends.

What do you think? Could we possibly be serving the best coffee for a city that loves to drink it? If any of these cafes are unfamiliar to you, do give it a chance and let us know what you think.

Happy coffee-hunting!

As ever,
5 Best Coffee Shops In Klang Valley That May Put Starbucks Out Of Business 5 Best Coffee Shops In Klang Valley That May Put Starbucks Out Of Business Reviewed by Anonymous on July 15, 2018 Rating: 5
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