Express Your Feminine Side With Audentes Leathers!

Established in 2016 in California, Audentes Leathers initially set out to create a brand that produced high quality, hand crafted leather accessories for men. During that first year, their growth was very rapid that they generated such a high demand and received over a hundred-thousand requests to release a line of accessories for women.

Now Audentes has created a signature line of accessories for women that express feminine personality but with the same goal of evoking the same emotion and feeling when wearing the design. The design isn’t for everyone but the design itself is unique that not everyone has one! They aim to appeal to people who can appreciate a design that isn’t like any other on the market. Using unique leather textures such as Icelandic sheep, Mongolian lamb, and Calf hair.

To emphasize the uniqueness of Audentes Leathers, they say that it’s not possible to have an exact copy as the leather and calf hair are unique to each animal, thus making their accessories just as unique in design. These accessories are guaranteed to turn heads and make everyone around you would be begging to have it.

Express Your Feminine Side With Audentes Leathers! Express Your Feminine Side With Audentes Leathers! Reviewed by Editor S on October 07, 2018 Rating: 5

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