Five Malaysian Bridal Designers We Can't Get Enough Of

The start of every year means one thing in Malaysia's fashion industry and that's weddings which means the woes of the bridezilla intensifies! Every bride would like to look their best and for that to happen, you would need the perfect (preferably white) dress and professionally done make up to give yourself that extra boost of confidence!

"Don't get me wrong. You don't need to spend over RM10,000 on a single dress or thousands more on make up to "look beautiful" for a day. You already are, ladies".

And nor do you need to wear famous international names like Vera Wang or Dior on special day because after attending many fashion shows by our local designers, and a huge shout out to Mr Andrew of Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW) who tirelessly stands by our local talents, rest assured that our bridal designers can definitely do the job just as good.

So here are the top five (in no specific order) Malaysian bridal designers:

1) Jovian Mandagie

Well known among Malaysians. Jovian Mandagie can do no wrong in the fashion industry as he continues to impress us with his designs. With unique and modern twists in his designs, brides can feast their eyes on his mesmerizing bridal collections!

2) Rico Rinaldi

Fresh and classy, those are my instant thoughts when I came across Rico's designs. A knack for bringing back

3) Rizalman

The creative genius of Rizalman can hardly do no wrong as he masters the bridal through ensembles that are not only gorgeous, but full with demure and couture. Dreamy silver embellishments to long elegant capes, whatever your heart desires, Rizalman will make all brides' dreams come true.

4) Fiziwoo

The crowd always gets excited for the creative and art directs of Fiziwoo! Without fail, their intricate and quality designs are able to capture attentions and leave brides especially feeling like the princess they are meant to be on their special day.

5) Mimpikita

Grace and elegance, it is no wonder why they named themselves after the word 'dream' as their collections feels as though you're floating aimlessly through the fluffy white clouds in the sky... You will feel like a dream on your wedding day.

Hope this list could ease all your bridal woes and hopefully, bring happy returns to our fashion industry!

As ever,
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