The 5 Most Popular Dating Apps Other Than Tinder

Let's be honest, looking for your significant other might not be the easiest task to undertake. I mean, where do you even begin searching right? Or is it even worth your time? Questions after questions, the future can be so uncertain for some of us.

But in the age of social media all you need to know is.. Are dating apps reliable and is it a good platform for us to search for our better half? Or should you rely on the power of faith and let time tell us.

In my honest opinion, there's no harm in giving it a go! Whats the worst thing that can happen anyway? A few heartbreaks maybe, but you will heal and you will most definitely realize what exactly you're looking for. And take it from me, I have heard a few love stories that worked out for the better!

Tinder is old news. Maybe it's time to look elsewhere and so here at StyleGuru, we are hooking you up with a few other options:

The only dating app that knows you are more substance than just a selfie -- now that's catch and something you can look into! This app focuses more on your partners' personalities. So don't hold back, be descriptive, know your worth and please especially know what you want and take all the fun personality tests.

Date, meet, and network better. Bumble intends to take your hunt seriously. If you are someone who is done with dating and wants a long-term and stable relationship, be sure to bid farewell to your one-night-stands at McDonald's . And ladies you get to make the first move.

If you're single, a Muslim and available, then perhaps you ought to give MuzMatch a shot! A community for Muslims who are looking for their one true love, this app can help filter through what you want in a less complicated way, than your hopes of bumping into that special someone on the streets.

With an intent to making authentic connections, Coffee Meets Bagel might just be the dating app for you. The concept of it will make you feel as though you met your soulmate in a coffeeshop one afternoon. If you're a hopeless romantic, then you just find your compatible companion here.

And perhaps the reason why you haven't found the one is simply because you have been searching with the wrong filter! So give this app a go and you might discover something about yourself other than the search for your one true love with it's super secret Algorithms that promise results. 

We hope this List can give you a head start at your quest. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour!

As ever,
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