Baju Raya Trends To Shop For 2019

We know it's hard to decide on which Raya outfit to get especially when there's a constant stream of Raya collection releases by a myriad of designers and brands. So that's why we've come up with the most  highlighted trends this year that you should keep an eye on when shopping for that perfect baju Raya.


Get Nude and Neutral
Nude dresses coming right up ! If your wardrobe is in a desperate need of a break from the usual bold and colorful prints, a neutral base with prints are the way to go. You can either go with a plain nude piece or one with smaller floral prints as they are pretty much timeless in-trend that will never go out of style. 

Comfy Silky
Silk silhouettes are the ultimate equivalent of comfort in dressing up. They're figure flattering and a sublime way to inject comfort and breeze into your wardrobe. This raya.. Look stylish and comfy at the same time. 

Ezuwan Ismail
Pom Pom 
Go literal. Pom pom embellished dresses are here this Raya to offer the tangible fashion that your printed dress could never give you. 

Let's Mix It Up
Can't decide on which print to go with. The mix of prints are here to fix your dilemma by giving you two looks at one price. When the outfit lacks in color, the mix prints will make up it up with a bold punch of statement. 

Back to Basic
Not ready to part with the classic kampung style just yet ? Take advantage of the old classic Malayness trend by en-robing yourself in the basic kurung design with shawl to complete the look. 

Don't stress over finding items that can go well with everything, instead choose trends that resonate with you because the joy of dressing up is to feel great.. ! 

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