Onitsuka Tiger × KKtP

Onitsuka Tiger’s  collaboration with Shanghai-based “KKtP” designer, Kim Kiroic for its 70th anniversary project, is the second such works following the recent collab with designer Takayuki Chino.

The shoes are based on the “TIGER CORSAIR”, launched in the 1970s and a pioneer of the jogging boom, to which Kiroic has added a playful touch. The iconic “TIGER CORSAIR” colors and classic appearance remain unchanged, with the entire upper covered with translucent material, resulting in a design that is a fusion of both classic and contemporary tastes.

The track top and pants feature the iconic Onitsuka Tiger tricolor colors. The top has the “Onitsuka Tiger” logo on the front, along with the “KKtP” logo on the back, for extra impact. The pants have side slits with snap studs that can be opened and fastened, adding a very playful essence to the whole collection. Added to that, there is a translucent poncho that matches the design of the shoes and, when combined with the tracksuit top and pants, you can enjoy a very unique layered experience.

Kiroic explains that the name “KKtP” emanated from chess term and, as the name suggests, he tries to remind himself as a chess pawn to always keep going and aim high. And, in this collection, we really get the sense of advancing forwards, just like in a game of chess.This collection can be found starting in August at Onitsuka Tiger stores in KLCC and Midvalley. For more info on this specials visit @Onitsukatigermagazine

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