LANEIGE Homme Oil Control Range

It's inevitable that hormones play an important role in keeping our skin youthful and bouncy. If your hormones are acting up especially when it comes to men, you probably end up with excessively oily skin. But the new LANEIGE HOMME Oil Control collection which consists of two different products, a Deep Cleanser and an All-In-One Lotion might be able to help take control of that oily skin. 

WHAT? Addresses oily skin by getting rid of excess sebum to achieve clean looking skin throughout the day. 

WHO? Men with oily skin.

HOW? A Deep Cleanser with micro scrub particles to remove build-up of dead skin cells, while an All-in-One-Lotion has the function of a toner, lotion and pore control essence with burst of cooling sensation. 

WHEN? Use it twice a day for cleansing and lotion on clean face. 

WHY? It contains pine tree leaf extract that helps to control excess sebum production while Heartleaf Houttuynia Tincture helps to tighten pores and improve the skin's firmness, keeping it fresh and oil-free. Visit @LANEIGE for more on skincare and looks.  

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