Vestiaire Collective

Now here's something for the shrewd fashionista who has a taste for the timeless and does not wanna pay top dollar for luxury wears. Vestiaire Collective is a global platform for desirable pre-owned fashion. Curated by its trusted community of fashion lovers, members inspire one another whilst selling and buying unique pieces from each other's wardrobes. Encouraging you to join the circular economy as a sustainable alternative to throw-away fashion.

The platform claims to be unique with its highly engaged community and its focus on authenticity and quality control process. Over 60,000 new items are submitted by its community of sellers every
week, which enables buyers to search amongst highly coveted and sold out fashion pieces.

If you find something you like, its interesting to note that all items sold are first sent to a Vestiaire Collective office where specialists confirm its authenticity, quality and condition of the item before the purchases is allowed to proceed. Making sure you don't get a 5 dollar knock-off.  This format also works the other way around if one feels the need to clear that overflowing closet and become a seller.Either way this platform has something for everyone who loves a bargain

Vestiaire Collective Vestiaire Collective Reviewed by Editor S on June 23, 2020 Rating: 5

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