Total Eye Lift #CLARINS

One can't stress enough how important eye creams are. Without them we would be lost, wandering around looking just as tired as we feel. Thanks to these glorious inventions, puffiness, fatigue and dark circles are reduced to a bearable sight. Clarins Total Eye Lift claims to do it better then the rest, here's what you need to know.. 

WHAT: Eye cream with the freshness of a gel and sublime smoothness of a cream. Its lightweight, fresh and soft texture can be easily massaged into skin. 

WHO: Developed for all women and all ages to take care on everything that stands in the way of total eye radiance from puffiness to dark circles, fine lines, wrinkles and even firmness. 

WHEN: Day and night after cleansing. 

WHERE: Using massage method to apply from temple to temple. 

HOW: Start by warming the texture for a few seconds between your fingers. Then apply, using 3 fingertips and light pressing movements. Do this for 5 SECONDS, on upper and lower eyelids, from temple to temple. Press down lightly between the eyebrows a few times. Those wide-open eyes in the mirror? All yours!

WHY: The Clarins Total Eye Lift is formulated with powerful lifting-smoothing duo that combines cassie wax for instantly smoothing effect as you apply and organic harungana extract that works as powerful as retinol but gentler on skin to stimulate the synthesis of skin-tightening proteins PARVIN and VINCULIN, while boosting the production of collagen too. 
Clarins Total Eye-Lift is priced at RM 275 and is now available in stores nationwide or @CLARINS
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