Zenith DEFY Classic Carbon

Zenith's new DEFY Classic Carbon will actually make you want to watch the clock. Its aesthetic allure of the carbon fiber case and bracelet is unabashedly futuristic with an architectural design language of the singular skeleton watch but what makes it interesting is its material. 

This watch explores the uncharted territory of innovation, with a full carbon fiber construction - including the integrated bracelet, making it incredibly light and durable. Unlike other carbon fiber watch bracelets which have been superficial plaques of the composite material fixed to a metal base or served for a handful of highly complicated watches produced in a limited amount, the brand has brought forth an ergonomic and eye-catching solid carbon bracelet to the DEFY Classic Carbon automatic watch. 

It is an unprecedented technical feat and edgy design statement that is light but balanced that makes it easy to forget one is wearing a watch at all. Also for those who still prefer the contrast of the carbon fiber case against the strap, you can opt for a black rubber cordura-effect strap with a carbon and titanium folding buckle.  Available at Zenith Boutiques and online @Zenith

Zenith DEFY Classic Carbon  Zenith DEFY Classic Carbon Reviewed by Editor S on December 30, 2020 Rating: 5

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