"Coach It Forward" Spring 2021

 It's time to amp up the positive energy around us. Like many brands, Coach latest campaign "Coach It Forward" for its Spring 2021 collection spreads this message by focusing on power of positivity, collective action and the importance of everyday recognition for the people in our lives who move our world forward. 

The campaign also invites you to leave a message of gratitude for someone in their lives, creating a ripple effect of optimism and connecting communities around the world. And if that doesn't get you excited, the campaign features the whole Coach family of A-list celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Michael B Jordan, Jeremy Lin, Yang Zi and Koki, along with friends and family, who have inspired and supported them in their lives. 

 Coach collaborated with photographer Renell Medrano and stylist Oliver Rizzo. Friends and family of the stars recognized in the campaign include Jennifer Lopez’s long-time friend, producer and collaborator Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas and Jordan’s business partners and owners of Las’ Lap bar Vince Bryant, Bryce Sheldon and Scott Robert Williams. 

“So often we are going through the day-to-day motion of life without properly taking a moment to acknowledge the people who drive change in optimism in our lives, community and the world...Coach It Forward to me means to pay it forward and to be grateful. I’m thrilled that I had this opportunity to recognize my family and my chosen family of creatives, collaborators, thinkers, doers and friends who have had such a positive impact on my life.” said Jennifer Lopez. @Coach

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