UNIQLO Musée du Louvre Collection

UNIQLO has started the year with an amazing partnership with Musée du Louvre. Even though traveling is still far beyond us, we can still enjoy the art.

The first initiative in the program is the launch of UNIQLO T-shirt (UT) that will debut Musée du Louvre Collection on Feb 8. The collection will express historical masterpieces such as Mona Lisa through the unique interpretations of UT, is refined LifeWear based on the shared desire of UNIQLO and the Lourve to color life through art. 

The men's collection was designed and created by prominent British graphic artist Peter Saville, known for his revolutionizing record cover designs in the early 80s. His inspiration for the collection draws on the inventory number system that museums uses to catalog works of art. Well-known works such as the Mona Lisa, the Winged Victory of Samothrace and the Venus de Milo are reinterpreted through Saville’s urbane graphic style.

While the women's UT collection highlights a focus on the female form as a universal message for diversity. It centers on numerous works with a "woman" motif left by the great masters, such as the Mona Lisa with her enigmatic smile, the devoted Holy Mother in La belle jardinière, and the sensual The Odalisque. Paired with floral motifs, the figures blossom vividly on the T-shirts. In-store and online from 8 February onward  @Uniqlo
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