TUBÉREUSE NUE is a new experience where the tuberose flower intertwines with the naked potency of the supple suede accord. This latest private blend of fragrance is pure alluring, the white floral introduces a deceptively innocent tuberose and jasmine, exuding a deep sensuality - white timut pepper adds erotic potency to this mystical dance. At its peak, a supple suede accord exudes skin-on-skin carnality, and a soft blanket of woody patchouli and agarwood musk that capture the afterglow, promising the mood endures. Just one spritz in the morning it'll last until the witching hour. 

 Packaged in matte ivory iteration of TOM FORD's iconic Private Blend bottle that is  finished with a glossed, barely-pink plaque and gilded accents that will surely add a little spice to your collection showcase. The TUBÉREUSE NUE comes in 50ml RM 1480 and 100ml RM 3770 @TOMFORD.
TOM FORD's Private Blend, TUBÉREUSE NUE TOM FORD's Private Blend, TUBÉREUSE NUE Reviewed by Editor S on March 07, 2021 Rating: 5

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