Renowned for its refreshing designs CROIX has teamed up with  Jovi Adhiguna for a collection that is  a vision of modernity, true to its creators ideals with a new twist.

Several design highlights include The Courri, a duo of heart and slanted teardrop cu. Inspired by the recent trend of double stones in Hollywood celebrity engagement rings such as Emily Ratajkowski and Arianna Grande, The Courri is a poetic mix of heart and tear cuts.

The Autre Ouval and Autre Solitaire, are 3-in-1 eternity rings which consist different stone cuts each half. This enables a twist and turn for the desired effect. All the rings are further designed to be stackable and multipurpose @CROIX.

JOVI ADHIGUNA for CROIX Jewelry JOVI ADHIGUNA for CROIX Jewelry Reviewed by Editor S on April 05, 2021 Rating: 5

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