Lontessa by Tessa Lont

We might not be packing for a holiday just yet but we can always start thinking about our summer wardrobe. Singaporean designer, Tessa Lont is redefining fashion with her collection, Lontessa. Drawing inspiration from Tessa's rich Maori heritage, personal values and untamed beauty of her native New Zealand, each piece is hand-crafted which is created to convey the various facets of a harmonious blend. 

The line consists of three main concepts which is In Honour Of The Self, The Women and The World. For the In Honour Of The Self, she celebrates differing individualities, champions truth in one's self and person. It takes the wearer on a creative process to uncover the garments of their dreams, considering one's body shape, personal style and lifestyle, ensuring that the bespoke pieces are created to address each individual's needs and preferences. As for the In Honour of The Women, the pieces are made for women by women, existing to flatter all female bodies in their varied and natural states. This can be seen in Lontessa's different collections such as the Hunter is Now Hunted, an intimate lingerie and fur collection to celebrate the wildness of women as the ultimate form and being of sensuality. Lastly In Honour of the World, focuses with sustainability and longevity in mind. The pieces are done in small productions and crafted by local artisans, the brand champions slow fashion, quality and intentionally, emphasizing the brand's love for the natural environment. For more styles visit @Lontessa

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