Ksisters Introduces Tenbucha

Yes, it's Kbeauty supplements for youthful skin, from drowsy to dynamic. If you are struggling to keep yourself awake and always reaching for that cup of coffee,  Ksister's new Tenbucha  may be what you need instead. Here's what you need to know..

WHAT? A red ginseng liquid-energy-in-a-sachet drink that helps fight fatigue and promote energy. It contains Red Ginseng which is a good herb to replenish the vigour of your body. 

WHO? Suitable for all body constitutions, even children and women who are breastfeeding. However as it contains ginseng, it is not recommended for those who are pregnant. 

WHEN? You can consume this anytime, anywhere. 

HOW? 1 to 2 sachets per day, simple tear off a section of the sachet and drink the restorative blend directly or mix it with 200ml of water. 

WHY? The team of experienced Korean Oriental Medicine Experts who have been trained in traditional medicine for years created Tenbucha - the optimal restorative drink with oriental medicine using a unique blend of 12 ingredients. Other than Red Ginseng, Tenbucha also contains Deer Antler, Gardenia Fructus, and Jaimdang's unique medicinal ingredients in a formula called "Sipjeondaebo-tang". It has been researched that the essence of Deer Antler can be absorbed into the body which in turns promote good health. Deer Antler helps to strengthen bones. Using multiple herbs and plants in a harmonious manner, Tenbucha is made as a restorative drink that's good for people who feel fatigue by providing good energy. It is often recommended in the summer months when your body sweats a lot, perfect for the hot and humid climate in Malaysia.@Ksisters.
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