Khoon Hooi Fall 2021 "The Cosmos"

If you are in tropical country like Malaysia, fall fashion is not so much of  knitted sweaters or jackets but more of the play of colors and texture - Khoon Hooi has created a fall collection that will transport you beyond the just the play of fall but all the way out into "The Cosmos". 

This season, Khoon Hooi embarks on a journey with a sense of optimism and escapism from the bleakness of day to day with intriguing feminine forms and bubble shapes that combine gloss and full silhouettes which will certainly keep you the center of attention at any event.

This lineup orbits on the idea of glamour culminating in a collection of heavenly gowns, stunning dresses and easy-to-wear separates with intriguing details that captured the magnificence of the celestial wonders. The planets are also expressed in a retro voluminous balloon hemline – which can be seen on a variety of evening looks. Along with that the design and embellishments reflect the theme with futuristic two-toned taffeta and galaxy-like sequins and a colour palette of cosmic shades from milky dusk to tangerine dawn and deepest bluest midnight. I soo want one of these dresses..! 

The collection is available at APW Bangsar @KhoonHooi
Khoon Hooi Fall 2021 "The Cosmos"  Khoon Hooi Fall 2021 "The Cosmos" Reviewed by Editor S on October 12, 2021 Rating: 5

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