SK-II New SKINPOWER Supercharges Your Skin


Skincare may not turn back time but it surely will  help keep your skin feeling fresh and healthy. With that SK-II has just launched SKINPOWER, a new range of products which just might be something to test out this season

WHAT? A revolutionary skincare category that creates a constant cycle of energy to power, supercharging skin from within and keeping skin bouncy, smooth and glowy, even throughout the most hectic of days. 

WHO? All skin types and also anyone who suffers from low skin power moments such as dull, tired skin, visible pores and fine lines.

WHEN? For best results it is recommended use 2 times daily (morning & night) in the right order. 

HOW? Start your skincare routine with (1) SK-II’s iconic Facial Treatment Essence, then (2) SKINPOWER Essence (3) SKINPOWER Moisturizer (Airy Milk Lotion for oilier skin types while Cream for drier skin types) (4) SKINPOWER Eye cream.

WHERE? All over face in the right order.  

WHY? SKINPOWER features breakthrough InfinitPower Technology which contains an exclusive cocktail of three power ingredients that work at multiple skin layers. First Calla Lily Extract formulated to plump up skin via hydration, leading to elasticity, then Dokudami Extract, a Japanese herbs that is handpicked to make skin look energized, lastly Peony Extract formulated to achieve bouncy elasticity from within. 

SK-II SKINPOWER range is priced at: Essence (RM 470/30ml), Airy Milky Lotion (RM 440/50g), Cream (RM 440/50g) and Eye Cream (RM 435/15g). SKINPOWER is now available in-store and online @SKII
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