Laneige NEO Foundation, Stay FIT Stay NEO

Some may opt for  a cushion type of foundation because its convenient to touch up as you go but for others the old school bottle foundation is a must. Well, if you have been a fan of Laneige NEO Cushion foundation formula but not the applicator, then this all new NEO Foundation is what you need..

WHAT? An cloud-like ultralight foundation adheres perfectly to the skin delivering a naturally flawless-looking complexion for 48 hours. 

WHO? Those who are looking for a comfortable lightweight, long-lasting foundation. NEO Foundation in Mint Green for a matte finish while NEO Foundation in Pink for a glowy finish. 

WHERE? All over face and more layers on areas that require more coverage. 

WHEN? Use after sunscreen and/or makeup base step in your basic skincare routine. 

HOW? Shake before using. Take an adequate amount and apply it thinly along the skin texture. Finish by tapping with your fingers. Apply one more layer on areas that require more coverage. Try using a sponge or brush for better adherence. 

WHY? It has 48 hours of long-lasting coverage, maintaining skin benefits after a single application for enlarged pores, redness, bumpiness, evenness of skin tone, colour and radiance. Also it uses vivid, high chroma pigments used with Water Color Solution, a technology unique to Laneige NEO instantly offers a clear and bright complexion that lasts all day long without oxidizing. Lastly, it features double protection against particulate matter such as fine dust with the Electro-filter technology and blue light protection to protect your skin against harmful emissions from all those digital gadgets. 

The NEO Foundation Matte and NEO Foundation Glow (30ml) are now available in 5 shades for RM 170 each at Laneige Boutiques & counters. @LANEIGEMY
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